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The Story

If you want to understand how you can learn to connect the Bible, faith, and theology to your mental and emotional well-being then your in the right place. We often feel discouraged because we know we need to either change, grow, or find our meaning in this world-- but often we do not know how. This site is for those wanting to be inspired in a meaningful way, to learn practical ways to solve life's common problems , and to grow in knowledge of the Christian faith. This site developed from my experiene as a spiritual counselor for nearly a decade helping people connect to Christ in the midst of life's troubles. This has given me a passion to share with others what I have learned along the way and is certain to be service to them. I have a BS in biblical counseling along with a certification. I have a Masters of Divinity and currently am seeking a Ph.d in theology. Subscribe to this website and lets get better together.

Let’s Connect
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