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Theology describes our understanding of Christian doctrines we have gathered from surveying the whole bible on specific topics. Fore example, what does the Bible as a whole say about humanity. Understanding theology supports a healthy view of God, yourself, and the world

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Soul Reformation and the Gospel

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

The Soul

What is "soul reformation" and what does it have to do with the Gospel? I'm glad you asked. First, keep in mind I am not discussing the salvation of one's soul. That is what God does for you and you just freely accept this gift of grace. I am talking about the day-in and day-out condition of our inner man. Soul reformation is a term I have coined (at least I think I've coined) that speaks to the the change that occurs in your inner person such as your mind, will, and desires and so on. This part of you is the place where no-one can see nor can even know about unless you divulge it's contents. It is your most secret of places. I would argue that this is the place your soul exists. That is, your soul is the integration of all of those aspects of your person. It makes you who you are. So it is more proper to say "you are a soul," not "you have a soul." This is the place where true worship and devotion to God through Christ is realized. Anyone can externally look like a Christ-follower, a holy person, or even devout Christian, but no one can fake such things inwardly. In short, soul reformation is where the inner person is reformed or reshaped to resemble Christ. Yes, that means to think like Christ, desire as Christ desired, adopt the will of Christ and so on.

The Gospel

This is where our conversation of the gospel emerges because there is no way we can accomplish this change or transformation without a continual consideration of the gospel and its good news about Christ and His work. We know we have chosen to follow Christ through repentance and acceptance of His gift of salvation. So we try to do the right things, being a Christian and all, and we really try to stop doing other things --but we become so disillusioned and disappointed with ourselves because we cannot seem to keep it together. Guilt sets in while hope fades. So how do we use the gospel to change our inner man, or soul reformation? First, my question for you is what exactly is the gospel? You have probably heard that term many times. Can you define it. Probably. At least parts of it. I'm hear to tell you that even if you could eloquently give a most profound definition that would cause me to beg for a third ear---that is not enough for soul reformation. For change to occur, it cannot merely be an external change (I stop lying to people, stop yelling at others) but your inner person must be tended. This is where one must begin to apply the many aspects of the gospel to that troubling area that needs to look more like Christ. In a broad sense, the gospel of Christ is the birth, life, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:3-6.) He was God centered and others oriented. We see Him doing Gods will in the garden before His arrest, "not my will but Yours be done (Mark 14:36; Luke 22:42.) We see Him others oriented on the cross itself! In John 19:26 when Christ saw his mother standing there beside John, the Scripture tells us he loved her and said to her, "Woman, here is your son." speaking about John. Jesus was telling her that he has made plans for her to be cared for by John and that John would be so good to her as if he were her son. Think about all the pain and suffering Christ was enduring at this point and his thoughts were not for himself but for those suffering as a result of what was happening to him. Wow. How does this translate into your desire to change? The fundamental question then is are you God-centered and others oriented? In short, are you like Christ? To find out---what you would say or do if you knew God wanted you to suffer for reasons you would never know (see Job)? Additionall, how do you respond to people when you are suffering? First, its' very difficult to be like Christ if you do not engage in a relationship with Him and come to know Him. This enables you to trust Him.

Gospel Principles

1. Just like Christ, you are here to do the will of God not your will. He came to redeem humanity. You are here to love God and love others

2. Christ paid for your sins. Your not here to be a moralist. You're here to do the will of God. Work on focusing on Christ and your relationship with Him and those things which trouble you about yourself or those sins will fade. We will know sin until we die.

3. Having Christ as your example and receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, you can embrace your situation or suffering while being God-centered and and others focused. For example, you can say to yourself, "Christ was able to suffer meaningfully and give of himself in his most dark hour and He will help me. The Holy Spirit can empower you to do this. Pray--Please Lord, help me to suffer well and give me strength to love others during this season of pain." This is what it means to apply the gospel to your life and there are countless ways to do it. Many of our problems in not being able to "stop" sinning or failing to do what is right (sin) have more to do with whose "will" we choose (and practice) to carry out than anything else.

Action Steps to Soul Reformation

1. Identify the area(s) you need to work

2. Pray and submit those areas to the Lord

3. Read Scripture that specifically speaks to that

4. Talk to yourself with that information, and dispute lies with God's word.

5. Practice righteousness (Eph. 4:20-32) by replacing the sin with right actions.

6. Know that it these steps may be a constant in the beginning but with the Lord's help, you will get better at it.

7. And as long as you continue to turn to God you will get there.

8. Remember to tell yourself that there is "now, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1.) It takes time to change show yourself the kind of grace Christ shows you.

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